Friday, 11 May 2012

DjRum Outlook Festival Review

 Some nice words from Outlook Festival about DjRum and his Mountains EP.

Last year’s ‘Mountains’ EP for 2nd Drop blows most producers working in the ‘chilled’ dubstep milieu clean out of the water. It coolly walks a tightrope between sampleadelic diversity and luxuriant uniformity, all rich, muted blues, greys and greens.

Most strikingly, Manuel isn’t afraid of navigating through a range of tempos and soundworlds, refracting each in turn through his distinctive lens. There’s hip-hop (the opening of ‘Undercoat’), techno – generally of the dub-drenched variety (‘Mountains Part 1’) – and flirtations with two-step garage (‘Turiya’). Disparate sections are dovetailed together expertly.
It’s a record perfectly suited to the home-headphones ritual, where listening becomes a captivating wander through landscapes suffused with reverb, populated by half-heard monologues and verdant oases of jazz miscellany. It’s a connoisseur’s dreamboat, as highlighted by T++ naming the EP his favourite of 2011.

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