Friday, 11 May 2012

2nd Drop 019 available for Pre-order

South London Ordnance's debut 12" vinyl release is available on the Surus shop for pre-orders.
Remember if you buy the vinyl, you get the MP3 absolutely FREE. Head on over to our Surus shop here:

We also received another lovely review from Boomkat, see below:

"South London Ordnance debuts with his brilliant 'Sanctuary' and 'Roofy' cuts on 2nd Drop. Little is known about the fella and that's just how it is: his tunes do all the chat. A-side's 'Sanctuary' is a serious groove tool, body-syncing hi-hat strafes and ruffed-up snares with the deftness of a Beneath riddim, but placing more emphasis on wide-assed, 'floor-consuming bass and dark-end-of-the-warehouse reverbs for those who prefer to dance in the shadows. B-side's 'Roofy' is slower, murkier: voices are half-heard from the pill-eyed patina smudge of resonant drums, Motor City strings and offset bass nudges built with an instinctive grasp of what meks 'em swiiiiing. Smashing work, lad. Whoever you are."

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