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2nd Drop Records at XOYO

Photos of 2nd Drop Records at XOYO featuring LV, Djrum and Pedestrian.











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ClashMusic DJ Mix Podcast - DjRUM

 ClashMusic DJ Mix Podcast - DjRUM

50 minutes of smoky, noir-ish electronics from DjRUM in this week’s Clash mix, as the hotly tipped producer weaves another of his captivating soundtracks to an imaginary movie.

Mirroring his own warm and intoxicating dub-touched productions, the mix is an atmospheric trip through hazy, downtempo landscapes, interspersed with bassy textures and a few surprises, featuring tracks by Darling Farah, Flying Lotus, Peter Van Hoesen, Skudge and several cuts from DjRUM’s much-awaited upcoming full- length debut.

We caught up with DjRUM, aka Felix Manuel, to ask about the inspiration for his soundtrack.

Tell us about the concept behind your mix:
It’s a soundtrack to an imaginary movie. The focus is on atmosphere and mood rather than the dancefloor. The movie is not in my imagination, I hope that it will be in the imagination of the listener. I’ve used sampled film dialogue throughout the mix to try and create the sense of a narrative, but I’ve tried to keep it very loose. I didn’t want to force an image into the listeners’ head, just give them little suggestions... to remind them that there is something going on outside their head.

What made you include some of the chosen tracks to achieve the effect you wanted?
Oh, I just threw together all the most sought-after dubs I’ve been sent recently... Only joking! I think if you looked at the tracklist you’d probably think it’s really eclectic. Certainly it is in terms of genres. But while it darts about from early 20th century classical music to current pop, to underground UK house, to classic reggae, I think the shifts in mood are a lot more subtle, so there is a coherence. I think that overall it probably feels like a techno / ambient-focused mix, even though it’s scope is far, far deeper. The inclusion of the Lana Del Rey track was inspired by a recent Paul Woolford track, and the Chaba Fadela track, despite being Algerian Ra├», will be recognised by most as the vocal sample in the jungle classic ‘We Are i.e.’. Little references like this create a balance between the familiar and alien.

You mentioned there were some exclusive tracks from your new record. Give us the low-down on the album:
Yes there are a couple. I’m excited about the album... It’ll be out soon. This year, hopefully. It’s been a long while in the making, some of the tunes are a few years old, while some are completely fresh. Like this mix, it’s pretty far-reaching in a way, but still coherent (I hope!).

How do you keep each of your mixes unique?
I want a mix like this to have a timeless quality. Not a time capsule of the latest tracks from the currently hyped artists, but something that will stand on its own. I try to overlay tracks in a way that breathes new life into them. You may have heard Aphex’s ‘Ruglen Holon’ before, but not as a post-punk tune.

Give us a bit of background on yourself and your musical endeavours:
For years I’ve considered myself more of a DJ than a producer, since I started releasing records it’s become more important to me. Having said that, the line can be quite blurred with a mix like this.

What have you got coming up in the next few months?
I have a track on a 2nd Drop Records compilation coming soon. Then after that, my first album. I’m playing out a fair bit at the moment, so have a look at my Facebook page to keep up to date with that. I’m always busy working on new material, but I take a very long time over it all, so you’ll have to be a little patient. I hope it’s worth the wait.

DjRUM’s remix of Phaeleh’s ‘The Cold In You’ is out on 5 November on Afterglo. ‘FutureFoundations’ – the 2nd Drop Records compilation – and DjRUM’s upcoming album, ‘Seven Lies’, are scheduled for release in the near future.
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DjRUM tracklist

1. Laurent - Wind in the trees
2. Maurice Ravel - Gaspard De La Nuit / Le Gibet
3. Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans [Polydor]
4. Ore - Rise [unreleased]
5. King Tubby & August Pablo - King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown [Yard Music]
6. Jacob Miller - Baby I Love You So [Yard Music]
7. Augustus Pablo - Ah Jah Dub [Yard Music]
8. Susumu Yokota - The Dying Black Swan [Skintone / Lo Recordings]
9. Chaba Fadela - N'Sel Fik [Supersound]
10. ESG - Talk It [Soul Jazz Records]
11. Aphex Twin - Ruglen Holon [Warp Records]
12. Darling Farah - Grace [Civil Music]
13. Skudge - Wonder Stories []unreleased
14. DjRUM - Arcana (Do I Need You) [unreleased]
15. Royce Wood Junior - Jodie (DjRUM remix) [unreleased]
16. Peter Van Hoesen - Inspection In Solitude [Time To Express]
17. Inigo Kennedy - Obsidian [Token]
18. Maurice Ravel [Kaddish]
19. Darling Farah - Division [Civil Music]
20. Xhin - Drawer (Original Mix) [Apotek]
21. Tim Hecker - No Drums [Kranky]
22. Marc Z [It's Easy]
23. Deft - Illicit Fantasy (fLako Remix) [unreleased]
24. Quasimoto - Bad Character [Stonesthrow]
25. Flying Lotus - Getting There (feat. Niki Randa) [Warp Records]
26. Tim Hecker - In The Air iii [Kranky]
27. ASC - Defiant To The End VIP [unreleased]
28. DjRUM - Mountains pt.3 [2nd Drop Records]
29. Chris Watson - the forest path. meallan na ceardaich
30. DjRUM - Thankyou (edit) [unreleased]

Photo by Oliver Clasper

Thursday, 11 October 2012

2nd Drop host Room 2 @ XoYo for Black Butter Records presents Rudimental, Live with Zinc, DjRUM & friends

Black Butter Records have kindly asked us to host room 2 at their massive Rudimental Live party at XoYo on Friday November 2nd. 

Full line up:

Room 1 - Black Butter presents:
Rudimental Live
Two Inch Punch
Kidnap Kid
Clean Bandit & Lulu James

Room 2 - 2nd Drop Records presents:
2nd Drop DJs
very special guest.....

More info and tickets from:


Tickets - https://xoyo.ticketabc.com/events/black-butter-records/

Don't miss out! Tickets are going FAST!

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Future Foundations with 2nd Drop Records on NTS Radio 21-09-12

Future Foundations with 2nd Drop Records

NTS Radio
Hosted by Markle

Simbad – Libra Priest Tribute no9 (?)
Ed Thigpen – Heritage (Verve)
Barker & Baumeker – Sektor (OstGut)
The Invisibles – Wings - Floating Points remix (Ninja Tune)
Phaelah – The Cold In You – DjRUM remix (Afterglow)
Commodo & Lurka – Capisce? (Black Box)
Pedestrian – Sliding Down Rainbows (2nd Drop)
Arp101 & Elliot Yorke – Fluro Black (Donkey Pitch)

*LV interview and mix*
Werkha - Cube & Puzzle (Cool Kids Music)
Bamboonoo – Mass (50 Weapons)
The Black Opera - Opera Hands (Prod. Tall Black Guy)
813 – Erotica - Om Unit Remix (?)
Seb Rochford & LV - Sugah Sweet (dub)
LV & Okmulumkoolkat – Inhliziyo Yami Izibozi (free download)
Slick Shoota - Bruk - Fellepus remix (?)
*End of LV interview*

Outkast – SpottieOttieDopaliscious (Virgin)
DJ Mitsu the Beats – Stolen Moments (Planet Groove)

*Remi Rough/ Remdog interview*
Remdog – Arrowglands V.02 (Remdog remix) (www.remdog1.bandcamp.com)
Remdog – Inside The Box – Wrongtom remix
Remdog – Medium Yellow
*End of Remi Rough/ Remdog interview*

Manni D & Deft – This One, The Art of Possible (2nd Drop)
Randomer – Asphyxiate (2nd Drop)
Rockwell – Fluf (Shogun Audio)
Johnny Clarke – Cold I Up version (Attack)
Gregory Issacs – Tune In (African Museum)
Delroy Wilson – Love Got Me Doing Things (Faith)
DjRUM – Thank You (2nd Drop)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Introducing – Happa

Happa did a recent interview for FluxWords, read the oringal article here and download several free tracks:

What inspires a 15 year old to stop daydreaming about girls and start producing some of the murkiest, dirtiest bass-heavy House that would have swamp monsters running for cover… Mary Anne Hobbs calls his music “mind-blowing” and with a string of upcoming releases on 2nd Drop, Church and Wigflex, we aren’t arguing!

So Happa, who are you? Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am Samir Alikhanizadeh. I am currently living in Leeds(ish), attending high school in year 11 (15 years of age) and I adore dried mango. And full stops. I used to do sports… I don’t any more. I am in love with music (of many varieties) and over the past year or so It has taken over my life. The love grew even stronger when I got into production for about a year and a half ago (Happa is a tender 8 months old). I also have a ‘side project’ called Zadeh.

Four Tet, Paleman & Thefft, all big names in the UK Bass scene and all are hyping your stuff . How do you feel about this?

I cannot even begin to explain the joy that fills my heart. The fact that some of my musical heroes have my music somewhere on there hard drive is ridiculous.

Your music is consistently being compared to Blawan‘s compositions. Has he been your greatest influence or is just a coincidence?

Yeah, well I would say neither. I mean Blawan is a fantastic producer, one of my favourite 4/4 producers for sure, but I am inspired by all things I like inside and out of music. I would never want to compare my self to the likes of Blawan either. I just think that Happa produces a very percussion heavy type of music, and I always try to get a pretty hard/raw almost aggressive feel to my tracks beacause; that’s the sound I am falling more and more in love with, and discovering across the UK Techno scene.
You have a forthcoming release on 2nd Drop, which we all very excited about. What else have you got in the pipeline for 2012?

I do yes, good to hear! I have an EP coming out on Church in October and another on Wigflex, yet there is no set date as of yet.

It is seriously impressive to see such talent in someone of your age, do your friends share similar tastes in music to you? How have you come into the scene so early? What made you get into the darker, percussive side of House/Techno, or ‘Bass’ music?

Thank you, it pleases me that you say so. Not at all really, I have one friend (Al) who has a remotely similar taste in music to me, and my brother shares a very similar music taste also. Well I first really got into music a few years ago thanks to Dubstep, and I suppose I went down the route onto artists and labels like Dark Sky, Pearson Sound and Swamp 81; making that that kind of transition from dubstep and ‘bass music’ then progressing further onto Techno thanks to labels and artists like Turbo, R&S, Blawan, Skudge etc. But I have what I like to think is a very wide taste in music, and I am really into a lot of old music.

You are still at school, what plans to do have when you finish? Are you going keep pushing your musical career or move onto something more academic?

I hope to go to a music college in Leeds, taking part in a Music technology course. I’d also love to do some freelance production for TV or Films, and in the future I want to start my own label.

Mary Anne Hobbs recently asked you to do a guest mix for her, how was it?

It was great! She has helped me so much amongst a lot of other wonderful people with promoting Happa and basically just ‘getting out there’ a bit more.

You also produce under another pseudonym – Zadeh – tell us a bit about it?

Yeah, although I still haven’t really found my ‘sound’ with Zadeh yet, I could say that it is is all about deep/ambient texture, and is very relaxing. All of the productions so far have orientated around the 100bpm mark, and have had much more of an elegant structure in comparison to Happa. Zadeh also takes a lot more inspiration from acoustic music and bands. I aim for it to really get across to people with much more emotion in a way that Happa can’t, and almost make you feel sad in the best way possible… if that makes any sense at all.

Your music intuitively compliments the club vibe, how did you get a feel for the clubbing scene without being in one? Or do you manage to get into clubs around Leeds?

Well, to be honest clubbing nor DJing had any affect/influence on Happa. It was more about me really getting into dance music. I never really tried and most definitely wouldn’t of got in anywhere; used to have a bit of a baby face.

How have your peers at school responded to your musical success?

None of them really care about it really, apart from about three friends (one being Al who shares a similar taste in music to me) who I kinda keep in the loop with things going on.

What other Artists are you feeling at the moment?

I’m really liking Clouds at the minute, my kind of Techno. I also really like and have been supporting Viers, I really rate his production along with producers like Bobby Champs and Metrist.

What is the most unexpected thing that has happened since the start of Happa’s career? Biggest highlight?

Probably being asked to remix Four Tet. He is such a legend.

Finally, when you are 18, do you plan on coming to any the Flux parties seeing as our spiritual home is Leeds?

Of course man! As people say – big up – Leeds!

Happa's 'Freak' is forthcoming on 2nd Drop Records in winter... watch this space!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Djrum on Electr*c 3 compilation

Djrum is featured in Gilles Peterson's forthcoming Electr*c 3 compilation with a track titled 'Lies' featuring Shadowbox. Read all about it from the FACT article below.

Gilles Peterson, currently bedding into his new home over at 6 Music, hasn’t been neglecting his duties as a talent-spotter.

Of all of the numerous compilation series released by Peterson’s Brownswood Recordings imprint, the Electron*c brand is the one specifically dedicated to showcasing new artists situated firmly on the dance music spectrum.  The first edition arrived in 2010, counterpointing relatively well-known names (Pearson Sound, Mount Kimbie) with folks that have subsequently gone on to much bigger things (Shlohmo, Mosca, Rockwell, George Fitzgerald). 2011′s Electron*c 2 veered even further off-piste, picking up on the (then little-known) talents of Jack Dixon and Synkro.

Resident Advisor report that Peterson has now announced the third part in the series. Electr*c 3 is set to drop in September, and features a host of interesting acts inching their way up the ladder. Quirky drum’n'bass excursionists Dub Phizix are probably the biggest name of the bunch, but there are also intriguing additions from supple house/techno producer Djrum, CRST affiliates Aftawerks, a Kidkanevil spin-off called Kidsuke (with Daisuke Tanabe).

Electr*c 3 will drops on 24th September.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

DjRum and YouandEwan at Secretsundaze GoBang!

DjRum and YouandEwan at Secretsundaze GoBang!

Sunday 26th August, The Roundhouse, Camden, London, 10:00pm
Buy your tickets here: http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?329582

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

South London Ordnance on 14tracks.om

South London Ordnance's 'Sanctuary' featured on Boomkat's 14tracks.com series: 
'How To Improve Your Swing In 14 Easy Steps'


Buy the vinyl on our Surus shop and get the mp3 free: http://www.surus.co.uk/2nd-Drop-Records/

2nd Drop 017 photos

Photos of our 17th release:
2nd Drop 017
A. Watermark
AA. The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn (Undercoat pt. 2)

Catalogue number: 2NDDRP12027
Illustration: Will Barras www.willbarras.com 


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Tessela remix on 14tracks.com

Tessela's remix of DjRum's Turiya from his 'Mountains' EP is featured on Boomkat's 14tracks.com series: 'Hardcore will never die.


Buy the vinyl on our Surus shop and get the mp3 free: http://www.surus.co.uk/2nd-Drop-Records/

Sunday, 8 July 2012

2nd Drop 017: Djrum 'Watermark / The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn (Undercoat pt.2)'

2nd Drop 017
A. Watermark
AA. The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn (Undercoat pt. 2)

Two tracks of epic proportions for the 2nd full release from DjRUM on 2nd Drop. Clocking in at an immense 18 mins, it should really be EP or mini album, yet these monster tracks are two glowing paragon’s of bass music.
The opening track from DjRUM's outstanding mix for Mary Anne Hobbs back in early Sept 2011, Watermark begins with a wonderful flourish of harp arpeggios and obscure movie samples before dropping into a dubbed out techno pulse. Replete with Djrum's trademark ambience and decaying sound palate, Watermark is both soft and delicate, whilst powerful and robust. It's no surprise that he can count T++, Craig Richards (Tyrant), Gilles Peterson and Scuba as fans.
On the flip, The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn (Undercoat pt.2) is the final instalment of the Mountains EP released in Aug 2011. Starting out as a VIP of Undercoat to explore its further techno reaches, the track quickly took on a life of its own, and has now morphed into a widescreen canvas rumbling down each vein of reference and subtly embellishing it further whilst bringing in new elements to complete the story and the Mountains saga. Or is it....
And finally, we are once again delighted to present the highly respected artist Will Barras as responsible for the fine artwork for this release. We wanted to build on and reference the previous Djrum artwork from Matt Taylor, and Will took it down a darker bovine strand, depicting a gothic afterlife where the army of the apocalypse ride skull headed beasts through the desolate wastes of the world. www.willbarras.com
Released by: 2nd Drop Records
Release/catalogue number: 2NDRP12017
Release date: Jul 23, 2012
ISRC: GB-VFF-08-00033

Soon available to pre-order at our Surus webshop. When you buy the vinyl, receive the mp3, FREE.

5th Birthday Photos at Hidden

A small selection of photos from our 2nd Drop Records 5th Anniversary.  Pedestrian, Tessela, Djrum, and South London Ordnance all stepped up. Many thanks to Hidden, Blink and Found for letting us celebrate in style. Huge bigups to our followers, creatives, designers, photographers, artists, DJs, producers, radio stations, blogs, clubnights, and fans of the label and for your continued support! Roll on the next 5 years!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

5 Years Young: 2nd Drop Records

A superb interview from Richard Akingbehin from Hyponik Promotions and amazing photos from our friend Meg Sharp about our 5th Anniversary.

5 Years Young: 2nd Drop Records

Roughly five years ago, Mark Gurney and James Bliss heard the song ‘Good Feeling’ by friend Ramadanman (now Pearson Sound), on seminal underground radio station, Rinse FM. Skream, the DJ who aired the track, announced that Ramadanman intended to give the track away for free. Roughly twelve months earlier, Mark Gurney was running Live Recordings, a youth project and record label that taught transferable management skills in the context of the music industry. Whilst running Live Recordings, Mark released Jamie Woon‘s ‘Wayfaring Stranger,’ backed with a sensational Burial remix.
When the funding for Live Recordings was pulled, Mark and James decided to create another outlet and 2nd Drop Records was born. Soon after, Ramadanman’s ‘Good Feeling’ found a well deserved home on 2nd Drop, receiving a 12″ vinyl release with ‘The Woon’ featuring on the B-side; a tough, sub-heavy re-working of ‘Wayfaring Stranger’.

Mark and James were immersed in the dubstep scene at the time. Regular heads at DMZ and particularly FWD; it’s a sure bet that 2nd Drop Records was conceived in the womb-like environment of Plastic People. Getting to know Rusko via Reso (who were housemates at the time), the pair heard Rusko’s tracks ‘William H Tonkers’ and ‘Roma,’ which soon made up 2NDRP12002. Throughout 2008 and 2009, 2nd Drop never really strayed too far away from that familiar, dark 140bpm template, with releases coming from the likes of J:Kenzo, LD and Sully. Come 2009 they, like many others, began to find themselves searching elsewhere for the next new sound.
“If someone had said to me that four years down the line we’d be releasing techno, I’d have laughed and been pretty surprised. But, if i’d heard the music we’re releasing now, I would have definitely been feeling it.”
James tells me it was the seventh release that was the so-called “turning point.” They welcomed Ramadanman back to drop ‘Revenue,’ and invited Untold to remix the track, resulting in the devastatingly stripped-back B-side. I can tell this 12″, perhaps the remix in particular, is still a serious source of satisfaction for the pair. Three years on, it’s still being played regularly in clubs, included in mixes, compilations such as Gold Panda’s DJ-Kicks, and has been labelled a major influence by recent signing, Tessela.

From that point on, 2nd Drop have put out techno, garage, and soul-infused electronica; building on the foundations of early dubstep, but gradually meandering away. Neither James or Mark see that as a conscious decision, more an organic progression that doesn’t negate the possibility of returning to its roots. They tell me that they would put out the 2007 Ramadanman record today. Stating that “it’s probably more relevant now anyway.”
The conversation moves onto vinyl, artwork and digital piracy. Mark and James come to the conclusions that they don’t care if people want to rip 128kbps copies of their releases, and that they would never do a digital-only release. The internet has changed the role of the record label. Gone are the days, they say, of selling tens of thousands of copies of a 12″, nowadays, trawling through Eastern European file-sharing websites asking for their tunes to be taken down is more of a reality.

In recent years, 2nd Drop have never really released straight house music, intsead, they’ve skirted around the edges, always opting for something more rugged and inspired. Recent output demonstrates this precisely, coming from Pedestrian, Djrum, Tessela, South London Ordnance and Gerry Read – a far cry from the strains of dubstep the they were originally putting out. Their discography seems to have followed a familiar pattern; think Loefah, Pinch, or even Ramadanman himself, all turning their attention to slower tempos. I want to know why they think this has happened. James tells me, laughing, that “five years ago, [his] perception of what techno was.. was.. Germans!”
Once again, the internet is cited as a possible reason for the change. Its impact, even over just five years, shouldn’t be underestimated. We discuss how exciting the scene is currently; “there are teenage producers drawing influence from all over the world, from tracks released before they were born; something not so easily done five years ago.”
“2011 was a kind of renaissance for us, we received a flurry of great music from LV, Djrum, Gerry Read, Youandewan and Tessela, who all embodied the elements of dubstep that we loved, but evolved it to into a newer, more interesting sound – through new tempos, hybridising genres and generally experimenting outside of 140bpm. It was exciting again!”

With five years and twenty releases steeped in London’s underground culture, this label have established themselves within a tight-knit community, whilst globally picking up plaudits for their A&R abilities and relentless quality control; and they show no sign of slowing down. An EP and a 12″ from Pedestrian are imminent, so too are a Djrum EP and album, a 12″ from Youandewan, music from exciting youngster Happa, and at some point, a label compilation. A lot of these forthcoming tracks, alongside a careful selection of recently released 2nd Drop music, and classic, influential material from the likes of Gregory Isaac, Raekwon and J-Live are included in the 2nd Drop Hyp Mix; an influences showcase mixed by Mark and James, together with long-time label affiliates DB, Ralph Solly and Marshal Darling. A deep insight into the label’s current musical ethos, and how they got there – here’s to another five years of 2nd Drop Records!  

We celebrate our 5th birthday this Friday (29th June) at Blink in Hidden. Full details here.

Our 5th Anniversary mix here: 

Read the original article here:


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Pedestrian 'The Ransom Note' interview

 Pedestrian's recent interview for The Ransom Note website:

Pedestrian aka Jack Sibley, is fast becoming notorious for his intricate, crystallised production and instinct for DJ sets. With universally strong releases on Push & Run, 2nd Drop, Brownswood and Metalheadz, he flows over genre constraints with sounds that submerse; penetrating basslines, defined synths, organic audio sampling and crackling melodic harmonies. Unlike many DJs on the scene, with Pedestrian no two sets are the same. his passion for unique, meaningful sound saw him included in K Magazine’s ‘10 Bass Music Artists To Watch Out For In 2012’. Having released a stunning collabouration with Maribou State 'Rush Don't Run' On Southern Fried Records earlier this month, we caught up with the man of the man of the moment as he prepares to join 2nd Drop Records for their 5th Birthday celebrations at Hidden this Friday, along with Jimmy Edgar, Kyle Hall, Catz n Dogz, DjRum, Tessela and South London Ordnance.

How did you get into music? Was there a particular artist or scene that influenced you?
I guess I got into music, initially anyway, through a love for Hip Hop and started attempting to make beats in my early teens. Then I got heavily into D&B and later the whole 'Bass Music' and House side of things. Making tracks as Pedestrian happened when I started experimenting with tracks in the 115-140 BPM range. I couldn't say there was one particular influence, I draw inspiration from so many different genre's, sub-genre's, artists and bands so I couldn't pin point it to one or the other.

What was the first album you bought? What did you like about it? … Can you remember how much you paid for it?
It's pretty bad, I can't really remember what the first album I bought was! I'll hazard a guess at Eminem - The Real Slim Shady LP. I can't remember how much i paid for it, but i do remember having to hide it from my parents as they banned me from listening to it (I probably wasn't alone there). Haven't listened to that record in years and years, might have to give it a spin for old times sakes.

How have you developed your songwriting since the early years? Is the equipment you use now much different from what you used when you wrote your first tracks for Push & Run?
For me, it's been a gradual process of learning what I feel sounds right, and i'm still learning a lot. I often read articles, watch video's and talk to other producers about techniques, equipment and methods, which is hugely helpful. My equipment is pretty much the same although i've collected a few hardware FX units, random instruments and plug-ins in the time since then.

We very much enjoy your blissed-out bass beats but the word pedestrian has many meanings, including music that’s a bit slow or perhaps a little on the unadventurous side. Why did you opt for the title Pedestrian? Have you ever been described as producing “pedestrian” music?
There's a few reasons I opted for the 'Pedestrian' alias. I was living in Cambridge when I first started listening to stuff around 120 BPM and I used to walk to Uni or work listening to it on my iPod and it was the perfect tempo to walk in time to. I also like to include the idea of walking somewhere in my song structures. I mean that by ending up somewhere different to where you started and seeing different points of interest along the way opposed to going round and round in circles for 5 minutes. I was aware from the start of the word pedestrian can mean a bit boring and mediocre but I quite liked that as a challenge to do the opposite, which i have tried to do. I really was expecting to see reviews describing my music as pedestrian, but fortunately it hasn't happened yet! The only time I've seen the word play was in a review for something of mine a little while ago which said something like "...and this track is anything but pedestrian" which was a pleasant surprise. 

If you had to give your music a personality, how would you describe it and has it developed any schizophrenia over time?
 Wow... I'd say my music is a happy go lucky kind of chap, maybe with a slight case of narcolepsy. I think schizophrenia is a bit far but definitely a curiosity for different styles.

If you had to pick one act you had to see live this year, who would it be and why?
 I'm really lucky to have seen a lot of gigs and some really high calibre bands, for instance my first gig was Rolling Stones at Wembley and my second was James Brown supported by Red Hot Chilli Peppers, which is pretty unusual I know! But one live act that I've been loving for ages and haven't managed to catch yet is The Black Keys. A few friends said they were amazing a few months back at Alexandra Palace, so I guess it would be them. I'd also go and see the live Bonobo show any time, seen it about 4 times and each time it is incredible and different, highly recommended to anyone who loves that kind of music. 

What do you make of the emergence of big budget visual shows that artists now tour with? Some might say that they detract from really listening carefully to the music being played, making an average act seem far better than they deserve to be. Who have you seen who has got the visual element right and have you ever seen an act get it wrong?
 It's a fair point to say that an average act seem better than they are, but at the same time if the act are incredible anyway it can only enhance the experience and make it even more intense. To be honest I haven't really been to any of these new hybrid shows although I hear Amon Tobin's is out of this world, the videos alone look crazy enough. 

You were ranked in K Magazine’s ‘10 Bass Music Artists To Watch Out For In 2012’. Do you feel under any pressure to produce a certain kind of music when you receive plaudits like these?
That was very nice of them and I really wasn't expecting it. I don't really feel under pressure by it at all, I'm going to make what I want to make and I hope people like it. I'm not going to say, oh well they've categorised me as a 'Bass Music' producer so thats all I'm going to make. Hopefully the people at K Mag, the readers and listeners will appreciate that.

Imagine you were stuck on a desert island. Which album, movie, book and work of art would you like to have with you assuming you would be able to enjoy them all?
A desert island with a DVD player? Now thats my kind of being stranded! I'd take the album 'TM Juke - Maps From The Wilderness'  because it is the most perfect album for on a beach or a sunny day and I don't think it will ever get boring. Assuming I was alone on this island, I would probably take a film of the adult variety because lets be honest, it could end up getting pretty lonely out there! The book I would take would be something with over 1000 pages at least, so once I'd read it I could use it as kindling for bonfires. As for the art, I'd take a large wooden art installation to try and make it into a raft to float back to civilisation. I think that would be a lot more useful than a painting.

If you had the opportunity to play one particular set at one specific venue, what time and place would you like to be?
I'm sure there are loads of absolutely mind blowing venue's around the world that I haven't seen, but for memories sake it would have to be The End when it was still up and running, say 2-4am. I loved going to that place and such a shame that it shut down and what has happened to it since then.

Read the original article here: http://theransomnote.co.uk/Id-say-my-music-is-a-happy-go-lucky-kind-of-chap-maybe-with-a-slight-case-of-narcolepsy/

Many thanks to The Ransom Note for a super interview

Buy the vinyl and get the mp3 FREE from our Surus store:

Monday, 25 June 2012

Win 2nd Drop Records goodies!

As part of our 5th Birthday 2nd Drop Records, DJ Mag, and Found have offered up some superb prizes for the forthcoming night at Hidden on 29th June.

All you need to do is send the answer to the following question adam.saville@djmag.com before Wednesday 27th June.

Who runs Hypercolour?
a) Jamie Russell
b) Kurt Russell
c) Jack Russell

1 x signed vinyl copy of Jimmy Edgar 'Majenta' (Hotflush)
1 x Tessela 'Darlene, Please' 12" '(2nd Drop) on vinyl
+ 2nd Drop vinyl, badges and four tickets for the event 

Enter the competition here:

Saturday, 23 June 2012

FACT Magazine review our forthcoming Hidden night

FACT Magazine review our forthcoming Hidden night on 29th June:

Yet another beguiling night on the way as part of FOUND at Vauxhall’s Hidden.

On June 29, Blink will host some great names for the ‘Glass Table’ night. Preening Hotflush signing Jimmy Edgar will bring a touch of glamour with a DJ set. Celebrating his recent Majenta release, the Detroit producer-cum-fashionista all be investigating the odder ends of electro and techno. Joining his is wunderkind Kyle Hall, who was recently obliging enough to take us on a virtual stroll around Detroit). His fuzzy strand of techno is frequently ingenious, and he remains a buck to back. Catz & Dogs, Tom Demac and Set Roberts will also be appearing in the main room.

2nd Drop host Room 2, and have brought some fascinating young talents along for the ride. Tessela‘s weirdo techno will be counterpointed by South London Ordnance‘s atmospheric stew of bass-heavy sounds. Also appearing are DjRum and Pedestrian. Finn, Cropper and Sol round out the bill.

The night runs from 10.00pm until 7.00am. Tickets and further information available from:


Djrum 'On The Road 2010'

Our good friend Rob Booth, of Electronic Explorations podcast fame, is releasing a Djrum track on his first Electronic Explorations compilation. The track 'On The Road 2010' was initially intended for the 'Mountains EP' but is now featured on this mighty complilation. The track has been given away free on the XLR8R website. Thanks for Rob for his continued support of 2nd Drop Records,
and we must say this compilation is very strong indeed!

Read the original article below:

Since its inception in 2007, Rob Booth's Electronic Explorations podcast has consistently provided listeners with cutting-edge music from underground and emerging artists. Booth's taste and execution has resulted in widespread popularity and influence, demonstrated by the fact that his show now claims up to 80,000 listeners a week. With such a large listener base (not to mention a new website), Booth has noted that financing Electronic Explorations has become increasingly difficult. In order to raise funds to help keep his program afloat, Booth has solicited tracks from scores of producers from around the world to compile into an enormous 60-song collection that will cost buyers just ₤5. "On the Road 2010" is the entry from UK producer Djrum, and is a mellow and fuzzy bit of bass music working in the same beat-step realm as, say, Shlohmo or Shigeto. The song's melodies are provided by strings and chopped, pitched-up vocals, which give the tune a moody and somewhat dark feel. The forthcoming compilation, aptly titled Electronic Explorations, is set for a July 1 release, at which time you'll be able to hear exclusive tunes from the likes of Machinedrum, Ital Tek, Chrissy Murderbot, Al Tourettes, Kahn, Akkord, Distal, Trevino, and many, many more. Submissions from a handful of the artists—including Akkord, Ital Tek, Kowton, and others—have already emerged on Booth's SoundCloud, and you can pre-order the album now on Bandcamp, where you'll also find the complete tracklist and release details.

Download the free track here:  http://www.xlr8r.com/mp3/2012/06/road-2010

Buy the compilation here:

Buy Djrum's 'Mountains' EP on Surus:

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

2nd Drop 020 photos

2nd Drop 020: Djrum remixes
A: Mountains pt.1 (Pedestrian's pirate radio remix)
AA: Turiya (Tessela remix)

Catalogue number: 2NDDRP12020
Illustration: Will Barras www.willbarras.com