Saturday, 29 September 2012

Future Foundations with 2nd Drop Records on NTS Radio 21-09-12

Future Foundations with 2nd Drop Records

NTS Radio
Hosted by Markle

Simbad – Libra Priest Tribute no9 (?)
Ed Thigpen – Heritage (Verve)
Barker & Baumeker – Sektor (OstGut)
The Invisibles – Wings - Floating Points remix (Ninja Tune)
Phaelah – The Cold In You – DjRUM remix (Afterglow)
Commodo & Lurka – Capisce? (Black Box)
Pedestrian – Sliding Down Rainbows (2nd Drop)
Arp101 & Elliot Yorke – Fluro Black (Donkey Pitch)

*LV interview and mix*
Werkha - Cube & Puzzle (Cool Kids Music)
Bamboonoo – Mass (50 Weapons)
The Black Opera - Opera Hands (Prod. Tall Black Guy)
813 – Erotica - Om Unit Remix (?)
Seb Rochford & LV - Sugah Sweet (dub)
LV & Okmulumkoolkat – Inhliziyo Yami Izibozi (free download)
Slick Shoota - Bruk - Fellepus remix (?)
*End of LV interview*

Outkast – SpottieOttieDopaliscious (Virgin)
DJ Mitsu the Beats – Stolen Moments (Planet Groove)

*Remi Rough/ Remdog interview*
Remdog – Arrowglands V.02 (Remdog remix) (
Remdog – Inside The Box – Wrongtom remix
Remdog – Medium Yellow
*End of Remi Rough/ Remdog interview*

Manni D & Deft – This One, The Art of Possible (2nd Drop)
Randomer – Asphyxiate (2nd Drop)
Rockwell – Fluf (Shogun Audio)
Johnny Clarke – Cold I Up version (Attack)
Gregory Issacs – Tune In (African Museum)
Delroy Wilson – Love Got Me Doing Things (Faith)
DjRUM – Thank You (2nd Drop)

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