Monday, 29 July 2013

New release!! Pedestrian & Jasperdrum - Kalakuta on 2nd Drop Records

2nd Drop Records presents: 
A. Pedestrian & Jasperdrum - Kalakuta
AA.Pedestrian - Ndizi 

Released 29th July 2013
We are super excited to present Jack Sibley aka Pedestrian’s first solo single with 2nd Drop Records. After his killer remix of Djrum’s Mountains in 2012 and the slow-mo house magic of Sliding Down Rainbows on the Future Foundations compilation in March this year, Jack once again shows his breath of influences and versatility as a producer by dropping two dope afrocentric bombs in our lap.
Teaming up with his childhood friend Luke Tomkinson aka Jasperdrum on lead track Kalakuta (a title inspired by Fela Kuti’s famous Kalakuta Republic from the 70’s), the music immediately transports you to Nigeria with its strong atmospherics and field recordings introduction, that is until the killer syncopated rhythms spiced with a charged afrobeat swing drops and the bassline rumbles and off you go, racing back into modern club culture with it’s powerful sub bass and twisted chords. An awesome dancefloor weapon that sounds so fresh in a world awash with saccharine house music.
Continuing to explore this afrocentric thread, Ndizi on the flip ratchets up the bpm into Juke territory and slinks off into the deep jungle where it stumbles across a dark, mysterious tribe awash with vibrant colours, raging fires and hypnotic dancing feet, stamping out mystical juju rhythms that infect anyone who hears them.
Both tracks have received big support already from Gilles Peterson, Scuba, Akkord, Djrum, Simbad, Tessela, Mr Scruff, T++, Mary Ann Hobbs, Randomer, Phaelah, Patchwork Pirates and LV to name a few.
We are very happy to welcome Jimmy Turrell, a well respected designer and illustrator who has worked with everyone from Fiat and Nike to The Guardian and Dazed & Confused, to design this release’s artwork. Jimmy has cleverly evoked a superbly balanced combination of West African culture and imagery with a grainy, modern aesthetic that complements the two tracks perfectly. Check the rest of his work out here:

You can buy the 12" & digital here:
From 2nd Drop Records Surus includes free MP3 

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