Monday, 11 February 2013

2nd Drop Records presents: Various Artists - Future Foundations

2nd Drop Records presents:
Various Artists
Future Foundations 
Release date: 4th March 2013

After 20 superb 12” single releases over five and half years in the game, UK label, 2nd Drop, is proud to present its first compilation, Future Foundations, featuring a mixture of established artists who have graced the label previously, alongside a handful of exciting new acts generating some serious hype on the scene right now.

This compilation is the first of many that will bear the Future Foundations title. We have assigned each 12” with a number, “Foundation 1, Foundation 2” and so on, viewing these chunks of superb music as the foundations of an on-going, multi-layered aural concept that will document the rich and varied output of the label and its artists for the foreseeable future.

The compilation presents eight exclusive tracks that sleekly demonstrate the quality, variety and depth of sounds the label has come to be known for; new sounds from familiar faces begins with the deep, lush techno/house of Youandewan, then a beautiful torch song from LV & Dan Bowskill, followed by Pedestrian’s synth-funk houser and the textured techno of Djrum, terminating with a creeping leviathan from South London Ordnance.

The first artist making his debut on 2nd Drop is Manchester’s Alex Coulton with his stuttering techno machinations, followed swiftly by Last Magpie who presents a superb number that shifts, skanks and weaves throughout, frantically culminating in the balls-out juke of Brighton’s Manni Dee & Deft.

And finally, we wanted the artwork to be something special, timeless and iconic. We were lucky enough to stumble across the bold abstractions of Adam Daily, an artist from Philadelphia, who now lives in New York State and exhibits frequently and widely. Adam likes to produce big, bold and beautiful pieces, bursting with colour and vibrancy, working big geometric shapes via painting, photography, collage and digital techniques. We think he’s a badman! 

Future Foundations tracklist (available as 3 x 12” and digital bundle)

Foundation 1 - 2ndrp12021
A. Alex Coulton – Grande Swing
B. Youandewan - Faith

Foundation 2 - 2ndrp12022
C1. LV & Dan Bowskill - Livin Up
C2. Pedestrian - Sliding Down Rainbows
D. Last Magpie - Without You

Foundation 3 - 2ndrp12023
E. Djrum – Blue on Blue (Voodoo)
F1. South London Ordnance - Daphne
F2. Manni Dee & Deft - This One, The Art of the Possible

A full stream of the album will go live on 25th February. Watch this space....!

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