Sunday, 10 June 2012

2nd Drop 020: Djrum remixes

Two of Djrum’s finest tracks from his Mountains EP get taken apart with a set of pliers and an industrial blow torch and twisted into two absolute dance floor leviathans by Pedestrian and Tessela for 2nd Drop’s 20th Release.

Pedestrian’s take on Mountains pt 1 is simply breath taking; swapping the pummelling techno beats of the original and pumping it full of tough garage swagger, whilst maintaining the smokey textures of the original. This is so ridiculously in demand, we’ve never been to a club and NOT heard this wheeled! The 2nd drop is something to wait for…. it’s XXX large!

Fresh from his awesome Darlene, Please 12” in March, Tesslea gives the anthemic Turiya a new direction by building on the classic garage vibe of the original with an even more classic rave influence, guiding the euphoric vocal across a tougher hardcore continuum, like SL2 cross bred with El-B. Thus, completing a 12” that we hope will stay in many a DJ box/ Serato file for a while.
And finally, we are delighted to present the highly respected artist Will Barras as responsible for the fine artwork for this release. We wanted to build on and reference the previous Djrum artwork from Matt Taylor, and Will took it down a darker bovine strand, depicting a gothic afterlife where the army of the apocalypse ride skull headed beasts through the desolate wastes of the world.

Pre-order the vinyl and get the MP3 FREE at Surus:

Vinyl and Digital available on all good music websites and record shops.

Release date: 18/06/2012
Format: 12" Vinyl
Catalogue number: 2NDRP1202

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